Our Mission

To improve societal awareness and connect like-minded individuals on a global basis by improving visibility to the support (or lack of support) for key issues, ideas and interests.

How are we doing this?

By safely enabling people who have similar ideals, beliefs, opinions and interests to vote their position on key issues and by enabling people to connect using a private and secure messaging feature called “Fan Mail”.

Why are we doing this?

To make a difference in the world, to liberate oppressed knowledge, to provide transparency and analysis uninhibited by social, political or corporate media based constraints.

How do we achieve this?

By allowing users to choose and use anonymity, if desired, to shield themselves from the tyranny of the majority. This site was designed to exemplify Free Speech and protect unpopular individuals from retaliation and their ideas from suppression at the hand of an intolerant society. It was also designed to demonstrate the power of the vote and drive positive social change based on the belief that on the whole people across cultures are not as different as some may think.

We ask that you please use it responsibly.

The right to remain anonymous can be abused when it shields fraudulent conduct, and free speech by its nature will sometimes have unpalatable consequences. Fortunately in general our society accords a greater weight to the value of free speech than to the dangers of its misuse.